Ultra Light NPP Display


Cinema HDR Tech

18 bits fine grayscale, HDR technology,

color gamut of 120% coverage, fully meeting the DCI-P3 standard,

281 trillion color performance.


Lighter And Thinner

Ultra Light    

Cabinet Thickness: ≤39mm

Weight: 5.2 kg/panel


Effective And Reliable

lSupporting operation and maintenance under user’s mode

l Reliable backup of hardware


Hardware Backup

1 + 1 backup--The main and standby power supply are installed in the cabinet, which can switch automatically if malfunction happens.

1 + 1 backup is most companies’ choice in the industry.

The technology is mature and stable with high efficiency of power supply. The efficiency of energy conversion of PFC energy-saving power source is up to 95%.


18°Concave Achievable For P0.9

Better and smoother realization of concave

Standard cabinet+ angle block: support 5° concave

Standard cabinet+ customized concave kit + angle block: support 8°, 12° and 18° concave, providing more possibility for accusation scenario design


High-Efficiency Maintenance

Four long strips module design, vacuum suction cup extraction, full front maintenance for all devices, which reduce cost of space and aesthetics.


High-Efficiency Installation

Cable-less connection between cabinets, as well as between module and cabinet. More stable transmission, and excellent flatness on the back


PSU & Signal Dual Backup

Multiple protection & security, specially for mission-critical events and meetings


  • 18 bits fine grayscale, HDR technology, DCI-P3 standard

    Cabinet Thickness: ≤39mm,Weight: 5.2 kg