Flexible LED Display Solution


Flexible Display, Creative Solution

Dynamic creativity and ultra flexibility

Sustainable reliability

Streamline operational efficiency 


Dynamic Creativity

Creativity is easy with UHF


Ultra Flexible

Flexible cabinet size, cabinet size can be customized according to project demands


Sustainable Reliability

Metal Bottom Case & Good Heat Dissipation Effect


Sustainable Reliability

PCB with FR-4 technology

Customized COS technology 

protection is available 


Streamline Operation Efficiency

4-in-1 bar module increases the speed of installation and curving precision .


Streamline Operation Efficiency

With each panel size 55’’ (customizable),  it is natural to create native Full HDH screens,  at the same time ensures high screen flatness. 


Streamline Operation Efficiency

Magnetic tool for front module maintenance




  • Dynamic creativity – available for arbitrary arc shape

    Stress is evenly distributed to all parts of modules – Sustainable reliability

    COS technology protection – protect LEDs from collision, dust and water

    4-in-1 bar module – ensure fast installation and precise curve