SW HD Multiviewers

SolarWall HD Multiviewers


Key Features

  • 9 inputs (9 SDI or 5 SDI + 4 HDMI)
  • 2 outputs ( 1 SDI + 1 HDMI)
  • Integration of up to 9 sources on a single display
  • Windows any size, anywhere
  • Picture in Picture
  • Picture over Picture
  • On screen display (OSD) for each window
  • Up to 32 customized pre-set layouts
  •  Pre-set layouts looping
  •  HDCP Compliant
  • Supports automatic upscaling
  • Supports both progressive and interlaced inputs
  • 1RU rack mountable
  • Low power consumption
  • Seamless switching between inputs
  • EDID management


SolarWall HD multiviewers support auto scaling to enable images to be sized and positioned anywhere on screen. They support a wide range of creative layouts, including split, side-by-side, picture-in-picture, overlapping windows and even in a solo view for full screen viewing of any single source. They support up to 40 pre-set customized layouts and also the layouts looping functionality making the system management extremely easy.


SolarWall HD multiviewers are easy to set up and control, using either a standard Windows based PC to access SEADA’s intuitive control software, or using a command line interface through the RS-232 or Ethernet port.

            Seada-SW HD Multiviewers

            • SolarWall HD Multiviewers are SEADA’s video control systems incorporated into a compact 1RU chassis. They are able to monitor completely independent 9 SDI or 5 SDI & 4 HDMI video sources on a either HDMI or SDI single HD display. They are extremely flexible and fast switching capable Multiviewers making it perfect for applications such as broadcasting, security, boardroom, TV studio and so on.